Gas filling station

STS refers to hazardous production facilities. Production activities are carried out on the basis of license No. 33133 / 3585-1, for the right to carry out activities in the field of industrial safety, issued on the basis of a decision of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus dated 30.11.2015.

The composition of the STS includes:
  • A drainage and loading ramp for 16 reversing posts is equipped at the STS (8 on the West European track and 8 on the Allied track);
  • On loading and unloading railway tracks, it is possible to place 30 tank cars of the Union gauge and 29 tank cars of the West European gauge;
  • Exhibition tracks: at the terminal there are exhibition tracks, which contain 128 conventional wagons of the Union gauge and 137 conventional European wagons;

  • The STS railroad track scheme allows for the loading of 16 European gauge tanks without involving the Belarusian Railways locomotive;

  • The GNS production facilities include 5 tanks, each with a capacity of 200 cubic meters, equipped with a set of shut-off and safety valves, level gauges, temperature and pressure measuring instruments;
  • The pumping of liquefied gases is carried out by a pump and compressor compartment with a network of process pipelines;
  • GNS is equipped with automobile and carriage tensometric scales designed for static weighing;
  • For filling / draining tankers, 2 posts are provided;
  • Gas is shipped to tankers using 3 Aurex D891 compressors and 3 Aurex Z4500 pumps;
  • Also available is its own wheel-rail tractor, allowing quick shunting operations. It is equipped with a combined stroke for movement along the railway tracks of 1520 and 1435 mm. Trailer weight during shunting on a horizontal section of the track is 1000 tons (12-13 tank wagons);

  • In order to control product quality, the STS has its own laboratory equipped with modern equipment.