Production of LPG

The company has been producing export mixtures of gases, which include propane and butane. The technical capabilities of the company make it possible to produce various mixtures based on liquefied petroleum gases.

The company has mastered state-of-the-art technologies for the production of complex mixtures of LPG by means of product compounding. With regard to the above, possible feedstock components may include propylene of the highest grade, mixtures of liquefied petroleum gases of C-3 to C-4 grade, normal butane of A grade, propane fraction of A grade, isobutane of A grade, fraction of normal butane, liquefied petroleum gas of TB grade, technical propane-butane, petroleum gas of TP grade, liquefied petroleum gas of TPBM grade, petroleum gas of PBT grade, isobutane fraction of A grade, butane-butylene fraction, propane fraction, technical mixture of propane and butane, etc. Additionally, Corimsol inhibitor is used in the production. The quantity of products delivered to the mixing unit is determined by a SiteSentinel type magneto-striction level gauge.