Loading, unloading, storage of HFL

The warehouse for the storage of petroleum products is equipped with 2 overpasses: an unloading overpass with 5 posts (Customs Union gauge) and a loading overpass with 5 posts (West European gauge). Simultaneous delivery of 30 Customs Union gauge rail tank cars and 30 West European gauge rail tanks cars.

  • The production facilities of the warehouse for the storage of petroleum products include 4 tank groups with a total capacity of 3,500 tons;
  • Filling and emptying of rail tank cars is carried out by three KMN-80-65-175 pumps, each with a capacity of 65 m3;
  • Two different types of petroleum products may be unloaded at the same time;
  • The throughput capacity of the warehouse amounts to 300,000 tons per year.
Our company is working to expand the production capacity of warehouse for the storage of petroleum products by up to 840,000 tons per year.

WestTransExpedition plans to organize the transportation of HFL from the stations Barbarov, Novopolotsk, Gomel of Belarusian Railway with the storage and transshipment of cargo on the basis of its own production facility located adjacent to Lyschitsy station of Belarusian Railway, which is adjoined both by the wide Customs Union gauge tracks and the narrow West-European gauge tracks, with further export of products to Poland and other European countries through Brest-Severny and Vysoko-Litovsk/Cheremha border crossing points (once it is opened) in narrow gauge cars.

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