The equipment of the gas filling station belongs to the category of hazardous production facilities. The company performs its production activities on the basis of License No. 33133/3585-1 for the right to carry out activities in the field of industrial safety issued on the basis of a Decision of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus dated 30/11/2015.

The production facilities of the gas filling station include:
  • Loading/unloading railway overpass with 16 reversible posts (8 posts for Customs Union gauge cars and 8 posts for the West European gauge cars);

  • The loading and unloading tracks can accommodate up to 16 Customs Union gauge rail tank cars and 16 West European gauge rail tank cars;

  • The production facilities of the gas filling station include 5 tanks, each with a capacity of 200 m3, equipped with a complex of safety shut-off valves, level gauges, temperature and pressure sensors;

  • Pumping of liquefied gases is performed by the pump-compressor unit with a network of technological pipelines;

  • The gas filling station is equipped with automotive and rail car electronic strain gauges designed for static weighing (weighbridges);

  • The facility is equipped with two posts for filling/emptying of tank trucks;

  • The transportation of LPG is carried out by 5 MAN trucks and  VPS tank semi-trailers 2018 release;


  • 5 automatic couplings 2019-2020 year of release: MAN TGX 18.460 4x2 BLS tractors, EURO 6 + tank-semi-trailers for 

  • LPG transportation, type: VPSCN3, Modification: VPSCN48LPG; with a volume of 48 m3.The transportation of LPG is carried out by 8 MAN trucks and 8 VPS tank semi-trailers;

  • The company also has its own two road/rail tractors, which enables the timely performance of shunting operations; The road/rail tractor is capable of moving along both 1,520 mm and 1,435 mm gauge railroad tracks; When performing shunting operations on a horizontal section of the track, the weight of tractor-driven set of cars amounts to up to 1000 tons (12 to 13 tank cars);

    Road/rail tractor
  • In order to control the quality of products, the gas filling station is provided with an in-house laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Warehouse for the storage of petroleum products:
  • The warehouse for the storage of petroleum products is equipped with 2 overpasses: an unloading overpass with 5 posts (Customs Union gauge) and a loading overpass with 5 posts (West European gauge);

  • The production facilities of the warehouse for the storage of petroleum products include 4 tank groups with a total capacity of 3,500 tons;

  • Filling and emptying of rail tank cars is carried out by three KMN-80-65-175 pumps, each with a capacity of 65 m3;

  • Two different types of petroleum products may be unloaded at the same time.

    Filling and emptying