Organization of transshipment of LPG and petroleum products

WestTransExpedition actively provides its Clients with complex forwarding services for the organization of transportation of liquefied petroleum gases and propylene, including services for transshipment of goods from wide Customs Union gauge rail cars to European gauge rail cars with the use of intermediate tanks, storage of cargo, payment of carriage tolls along the Belarusian railway to the carrier — the Brest Branch of Belarusian Railway.

As of today, two access 1,520 mm and 1,435 mm gauge railroad tracks adjoining Lyshchytsy station of the Brest Branch of Belarusian Railway and railroad tracks owned by the Brest Branch of Belarusian Railway are located within the territory of the enterprise.

  • The company also has its own road/rail tractor, which enables the timely performance of shunting operations;
  • The road/rail tractor is capable of moving along both 1,520 mm and 1,435 mm gauge railroad tracks;
  • When performing shunting operations on a horizontal section of the track, the weight of tractor-driven set of cars amounts to up to 1000 tons (12 to 13 tank cars).