Oil Storage Warehouse

  • In the petroleum products storage warehouse, 2 overpasses are equipped: a drain rack for 5 posts (Union gauge) and a loading rack for 5 posts (West European gauge);
  • The structure of production capacities of SHN includes 4 groups of tanks with a total capacity of 3,500 tons;
  • Loading and unloading from (c) railway tanks carried out by 3 pumps KMN-80-65-175, capacity 65m3/hour each;
  • At the same time, it is possible to unload 2 different types of oil products.
Loading and unloading

After the completion of the project for the reconstruction of the petroleum products storage warehouse, the production facilities of SHN will include:

  • tank farm at 9400 metric tons ;
  • two-sided railway overpass with the possibility of simultaneous filling (discharge) of 2 types of oil products for 15 Union gauge cars and 15 European cars;
  • tank loading station with the possibility of top and bottom filling;
  • the design capacity of this warehouse for transshipment of flammable liquids will be 50,000 tons per month.
Oil Storage Warehouse

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